Finance Plan

The finance plan is anchored on:

  1. Diaspora Capital
  2. Diaspora Remittances
  3. Other Capital Finance Plans

Diaspora Remittances

In 2017, remittances are on track to reach $1.8 billion (Kshs 180 billion.) The Diaspora University Town Finance Plan is set-up to tap the Diaspora Remittances as the amount grows Kenya Bank Deposits and Loan Advances.

Tapping KCB Bank and Kenya Banks Loan Advances

  1. Diaspora University Town House Developers are in the process of getting their first loan for plot allocation.
  2. Town Houses Development Plan is set to tap, mortgage finance from Kenya Banks.
  3. Small and Medium Enterprises Business Plans are set to tap business loans from Kenya Banks

KCB Bank and Kenya Banks Loan Advances Growth

2009: KCB Bank had loan advances of Kshs 96 Billion.
2009: Kenya Banks Loan Advances were Kshs 721 Billion.
2016: KCB Bank Loan Advances were Kshs 353 Billion. A growth of over Kshs 250 billion.
2016: Kenya Bank Loan Advances Estimated total was Kshs 2.5 trillion
2021: KCB Bank Loan Advances are projected to grow and reach Kshs 700 billion.
2021: Kenya Banks Loan Advances are estimated to be more than Kshs 5 Trillion.